How to build more powerful relationships.

Reach out and touch someone

Reach out and touch someone

Relationships.  I read a lot about relationships.  Apparently, they’re important.  In sales, people prefer to buy from those they trust.  In leadership, people prefer to follow those they trust.  Trust requires a relationship.

The root of the word relationship is relate.  The word ‘relate’ comes from a word that means “to bring”.  Are you bringing yourself to your relationships?

Relationships are built on the cornerstone of revelation.  We relate to what’s revealed.  The more that is revealed, the more there is for someone to relate to.  Where there is more to relate to, trust deepens.  Deeper trust creates powerful relationships.  The kind of relationships where people make meaningful sacrifices for one another.

Do you want powerful relationships?  Relationships that create results?  Relationships that foster significance?  Bring yourself to the relationship.  Reveal who you are and who you’ve been.  Be accepted or rejected for that truth.  The relationships that are left will be profoundly powerful.

What relationship in your life needs you to bring some revelation?

This isn’t hide & seek.  Bring it.


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