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This morning I told my life story to 5 men I’m friends with.  I revealed pieces of my past very few have seen.  I took a risk.  I told the truth.  It was an act of revelation.

There is power in revelation.  We show who we are and who we’ve been.  We step from the shadow of shame into the light of liberation.  We go from hiding in our history to defying it.  We set our story free from swirling insecurities.    We step towards freedom.  We can start to author our future instead of repeating our past.

My revelation opened me to judgement and rejection.  That’s the risk of revelation. It also opened myself to freedom and acceptance.  That’s the opportunity that comes from revealing ourselves.

If I’m rejected, I’ll be rejected for who I am.  Not who I’m pretending to be.  If I’m accepted, I’ll be accepted for who I am.  Not who I’m pretending to be.  I go from hiding who I am to revealing who I am.  I’d rather be rejected for who I am than liked for who I’m not.

Would you rather be liked or would you rather be free?   I chose freedom.  I like myself more for taking the risk.

What’s your book of revelation?  Is it time for you set yourself free?


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