EWHeadshotI am driven to help people find their truest, most authentic self.   I am passionate about catalyzing meaningful change for individuals, families, and organizations.  I’ve tried to change this about myself.  I can’t shake the obsession.

I started in change movements as a teenager.  I worked with a youth empowerment organization, CityKids in New York City.  I led and spoke for the CityKids Speaks on Education campaign.  We foresaw the challenges of the new economy that was yet to emerge.  We proposed solutions that are becoming best practices in education and business 25 years later.

I moved to Texas to figure something out.  I’m still here.  I found there’s more to figure out than what I thought.  I chase unified philosophies and methodologies that bring together people, the cosmos, physics, psychology, neurology, theology and organizational dynamics.  I am fascinated with the power of language to unify our world and shape people and organizations.

I write because I need to.  I aim to help people

  • See the world different to create new mindsets
  • Change the way they behave to produce new outcomes
  • Impact beyond themselves to create a legacy

I’m married to my beautiful wife, Jennifer.  She is an extraordinarily patient woman who is great with numbers and ridiculously supportive of a distracted man.  We live in East Dallas on a quiet street with our twin girls, Evie and Ellie.   We’re sort of active in church and do our best to love our neighbors.

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