What do you want to leave behind?

Let’s stick with the Lego theme.  I’ve written about building ideas … ideas are the Lego blocks.  Putting the blocks together is the execution.

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Many of us get caught in the idea trap.  Accumulating ideas like a hoarder accumulates newspapers, cats and Elvis plates.  The ideas pile up until we’re overwhelmed by them.  They’re everywhere!  You can barely walk in your brain because there are so many ideas piled up and laying around.

Most of my regrets are about what I haven’t done.  That makes me normal.  There are plenty of wise adages like, “We regret the things we did not do …” floating around.  The investment you didn’t make, the house you didn’t buy at the right time, the invention you thought of but did nothing with, the new concept you let sit on the shelf in your mind.

We write the narrative of our lives with the pen that is how we live each day.

Fail to take action often and you’ll tell yourself the story that you don’t take action.

Move forward consistently to create an outcome in your and/or your family’s lives and you’ll tell yourself that you’re the kind of person who fights forward.

Take bold action to get people on board with your ideas to move the ideas forward, putting them together, and releasing them to the world and you’ll tell yourself that you’re the kind of person takes action and gets things done.

I’ve lived much of my life writing the first of those three stories … a life of inaction.  Enough so that people have seen it and will tell me the story that I’ve written.  They help me reinforce the story. For better or worse.

Here’s the problem with idea hoarding … once you’re gone, the ideas are gone, too.  They die with you – unless you build something with them.  I want to leave a lasting legacy.  That means putting the Lego blocks together to build something and give it to the world.  It might not be perfect.  It might be ugly.  But … it will be.  If I don’t put the pieces together it will be nothing.

I want to leave a Lego-cy.  It means writing the last chapter of the book of my life that I’ve been writing.  I have been living and acting … hoarding ideas.  And then boldly, picking up the pen to start again.  Page 1 of the sequel.  One action at a time.

Is time to write the last chapter in the old narrative of who you were?  Is time to start writing about something new by living differently?  Is time to clear the clutter of ideas and start putting them together?

What do you want to leave behind?   Are you building a Lego-cy?


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