Are you getting caught in the idea trap?

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I remember stepping on the Lego piece with my bare foot.  I screamed, cursing.  A cubic, sharp pebble cutting into my foot.  It hurt!

Yesterday, I talked about how building ideas is like playing with Legos.   “The ideas are the blocks.  Putting them together is the execution.”

If you’re an “idea guy” (or gal), like me,  you have a bunch of blocks.  They’re everywhere!  You’re tripping on them, stepping on them, staring at them.

Are you putting them together?  Are you addicted to coming up with more and more ideas.  Different iterations of ideas.  Ideas connected to other ideas.  Ideas piled on ideas piled on ideas?

Stop coming up with more ideas.  You’re killing yourself with clutter.  You’re like one of those people on Hoarders!  Cats everywhere.  Ideas stacked up all around you.  You can’t even move around your own brain because there’s too many ideas.

You haven’t made anything of value until you put the Lego blocks of your ideas together to build something.

Do you work using the equation:  More Ideas=Better?  If so, you might caught in the idea trap.  More ideas are not usually better.  More executed ideas are better.

Get rid of a bunch of ideas.  Keep a few.  Put some of the idea Lego blocks together.  Make an idea happen.  After it’s put together, see what happens.  Then come up with a new idea to improve upon what happened.

Are you moving forward with building your ideas?  Or are you getting caught in the idea trap?


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