What do you NOT have to do?

Choose what you must.

I was buzzing around the house completing one task after another.  My goal?  Order.  The arrival of the twins was met by an intense need for order.  Some could call it OCD.

I was working in double time.  And I am doing things I don’t want to do.  I like order.  I don’t like doing the things that create it.  So these are things I have to do.  I need the order to have my mind clear to produce.  I’d rather watch the Colbert Report.  Steve Colbert will take me further from what I need.

I get depressed when I don’t produce.  I choose producing over depression.  It’s my must.  Therefore creating order is a preceding must.

Choose what you have to do.  Decide your musts.  I touched on that Friday.  Why?  We get done what we have to.  Some things are thrust upon us … like funerals and natural disasters.  Others we choose.  Choose wisely.

Choosing one thing usually means not choosing another.   Choosing what you won’t do frees you to do things you must to do.  If you don’t stop doing things that don’t contribute to where you want to go, you won’t get there … or it will take a hell of a lot longer.

Want to lose weight?  Stop eating Snickers, starting walking for 30 minutes a day.  Want to get promoted?  Stop surfing Wastebook, I mean Facebook and start producing results as if your the business owner.  Want to be well read?  Turn off the TV or computer and pick up a book (or kindle).

What are you choosing?  What will you stop doing to support that choice?

Will your daily choices add up to a life that inspires you?  Have you chosen what you want to leave in your wake this year, next decade, this life?

Be intentional.  Be committed.  Live a life well lived.  You’re worth it.

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