What do you HAVE to do?

kid to do list, list, Be happy and go homeA friend of mine had a rough week recently.  Here was the week in no particular order:

  • Lost parent
  • Made arrangements for funeral
  • Drove 4+ hours to the funeral
  • Went through/packed the parent’s things
  • Drove 4+ hours back
  • Co-conducted a 4 day intensive seminar
  • Visited with clients
  • Decorated/furnished new business offices
  • Shut down/moved her old business office

That’s a hell of week.  I’m sure there are details I missed.

I had dinner and beer with them last night.  At some point I said, “I don’t know how you did all of that.”

Her response, “I have to.”

When there are things that must be done, they get done.  Some people have more musts than others.   They get more done.

“Musts” are our “have to’s”.  Some “have to’s” come in the form of things out of our control … an illness or death in the family.  Other’s come from our choices.

We are the product of our habits.  Our habits are what we must do.  I started flossing daily last week.  It’s a small habit.  I do it daily because daily is easier than every other day.   It’s more automatic.  Less room to wiggle.  It’s new must.

What musts do you need to add to your life?   Call 5 more prospects a day.  Walk 30 minutes with your wife at night.  Update your website or LinkedIn profile.  Implement your marketing plan.  Enroll in that Master’s program you’ve been procrastinating about.  Wake up at 6am and meditate.  Floss daily.

What do you have to do …  today, this week, this month, this year, this life?   Some things you can’t choose.  Most things you can.

Start choosing.   You’ll get done what you have to.

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