Remembering a friend



I lost a friend today.  I walked in to the gym this afternoon.  A placard was standing there.  It had his picture in it.  It  was him.  He lost a battle with cancer.  He’d fought for 3 years.

I met him once, 3 years ago.  He came to my wedding.  I don’t remember saying more than 5 words to him.   I remember his face.  It shone with joy and kindness.

I was planning on writing about the frustration, anger and disappointment we create for ourselves when we live in “Supposed to” – You know … It’s not supposed to be like this, I’m not supposed to be here – When we insist that reality be something other than what it is.

Over the past few years, Jen and I would ask each other, “Have you seen him?”  “I wonder what happened to him?”   I never asked anyone though.  I think I was supposed to.

Who are you supposed to talk to today?   Save yourself the frustration, anger and disappointment.  Instead of thinking about it, do it.

Maurice, I’m sorry I wasn’t a good friend.  God, forgive me.  We’re glad you’re back home with your Lord.



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