What do you think I should do?

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What do you think I should do?  This is the question I’ve asked too many times (I still do).  Sometimes I didn’t ask – but I let people

answer for me anyway.  We ask this thinking that it will help us when we’re trying to decide.  It usually won’t.

We might think we’re asking to get a new idea or perspective.  But usually, you get an old idea or perspective.   We might think we’re asking this to receive support and validation.  Often we receive neither.  This is the question you ask to get permission to do something that might be a little bigger than who are today.

You don’t get permission to change the world.  No one has the authority to give you that permission … or take it away.  You already have the authority and permission.  The question is about whether you have the courage to use it.

If you want wisdom, ask a different question.  If you want permission, ask yourself.


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