Is it time for new decision?

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Tim made a discovery that can change his life.   It might change your life, too.

Tim and his dad own a business together.  A prospect asked Tim’s firm if they performed a type of planning service.   Tim thought they could meet the prospect’s need.  Tim’s father gave him a list of reasons why they couldn’t.

A life changing observation struck Tim.  “My dad always looks for excuses explaining why something won’t work.  He taught me to do the same thing.”

Tim’s a hard charger in many areas of life.  But in business, he’s followed his father’s lead.   He learned to gather excuses for why things can’t be done instead of creating examples showing why they can.

Tim now sees the force his father exerts on him.  Tim realized how this holds him back.  Seeing this gave him the power set himself free from its pull.   Tim chose to do something different.

Tim contacted the prospect who wanted planning services.  He doesn’t know if they’ll get the business.  He knows they have a shot if he responds to the prospect.  They have no shot if they don’t.

Our attitudes have a gravity.  They draw others.  They influence.

Are you a parent, a manager, a team lead, a CEO, a friend?  Your attitudes have gravity.  They might be keeping someone else grounded.

How are you holding others back with pessimism or well-intended judgement?

Who’s limiting attitudes are you drawn to?  Who is holding you back?

Tim is taking his hard charging style to his business.  He is launching himself out of the his father’s gravitational pull.

Tim has been following.  He made a new decision.  It’s time to lead –  for himself, for his business, for his father, for his family.  He will draw and inspire people with his pursuit of the possible.

Is it time for your to do the same?


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