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Español: Torre Jenga cayendo.

Español: Torre Jenga cayendo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s easy to get caught up in writing something well.  We worry about each piece being laid properly.  The concern is that everything else will tumble down if we don’t do it right.  This presents a problem.  You become a slave to the form instead of the servant to your idea.

I can always go back and correct the form after the idea is born onto paper (or screen).  I can’t recapture the thought sparked in the ether that vanished into thin air while I was looking for where to put a comma.

Putting the comma in the wrong place or leaving it out won’t cripple your draft.  Losing the train of your thoughts will.

This is true for writing, inventing, crafting a new business model, etc.

Get the thoughts out.   You can get it right later.  If you don’t get them out, you can’t get them right.

Lose yourself in structure and the idea will be here today, gone tomorrow (Actually, it might be gone in seconds).

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