‘Twas the Day Before Christmas

Where My Christmas Lives EP

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This one is different.  Times have changed, so have we.

There’s no tree.  No garland.  No decoration.  No lights.  Instead we have two babies who have overflowed our lives.

We have joy.  We have frustration.  We have laughter.  We have tears.  Times we want to run away to Canada.  And times we’re drawn nearer.

We’ve been challenged.  We’ve been tested.  Plenty of times we have failed.  Time and again, love, faith and hope prevails.

It’s overwhelming.  It’s daunting.  It’s made me humble and small.  Thank God my wife has been patient as I try to control it all.

We discovered depths of blessings that were once unknown.  As friends, family, and near strangers came with love, care and food to bestow.

It brings tears to my eyes to think of how kind others can be.  And the strength they provide with their generosity.

We are thankful this year for the gifts we received.  None of which can be wrapped and tucked under a tree.


Thank you, God,  for showing me how much is in store when I’m trusting and willing to open my door.  Please give me the strength and patience to make it one day more.


I was watching a ‘History of Christmas’ this week.  It represents a mosaic of traditions, beliefs, gods and salesmanship.  The history shows that this is everyone’s day.  The theme that runs through the history of Christmas is celebration and giving.

I pray you can look back over 2011 and find events, moments and milestones to celebrate and appreciate.  Dwell on these good things and giving will pour from your heart.

You can be a gift to others in the smallest of ways.  Just give a bit of yourself, your time,  a kind thought, holding a door or a smiling hello.  An encouraging word, a Honda Odyssey or GMC Acadia with leather, heated seats and a fold down third row …  I hope Santa’s listening …


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