Life is beautiful

My friend Mike invited me to play bocce ball.   It was a blast.  It was relaxing.  It was fun.  It was competitive.  After we played we were emailing about how enjoyable it was.  He had this to say.

“Playing bocce with the Italians is pretty symbolic of life to me.  You spend your life trying to get as close to a goal as you can… sometimes you get close and other times something in life comes along and knocks you away from your target and you have to refocus and find a new strategy… or sometimes you just have to lose the points that time and start again.  But the whole time you’re doing it, especially when doing it with the Italians, you laugh and you share and you build fellowship and you take life just a little less seriously for a few hours.”

Playing the game and reading his words helped me pull my head out of my life.  It gave me some needed perspective.

La Vita e Bella … Life is beautiful.  It’s easy to forget.  Thank you, Mike, for helping me remember.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily battles.  Pulling our heads out gives needed perspective.

What do you need to pull your head out of?

Mike is the president of the Italian Club of Dallas.   They enjoy food, wine and life together.  They welcome everyone.  Join them for some perspective.  They’d love to have you.  You’ll feel like you belong.

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