Wrong today, right tomorrow.

I had a great surprise on Saturday morning!   I woke up, picked up my phone, checked my email.  I saw an email from Feedblitz.   When I opened it, I saw my post from the day before.  Sweet!   My subscriber service is working.   Just visit my blog site to sign up.

I’ve been setting up Feedblitz to handle subscribers to my blog.  It’s been a bit frustrating as I’ve muddled through unsuccessfull a few times (I’ll take help if someone wants to offer).   The email form wasn’t perfect.  I’m still figuring how to get it right.   It’s good enough.  I’ll take that to start.

If I get to good enough to produce, I’ll stand a much better chance of getting it right.   If I wait until I get it right to produce, I’ll be more likely to be busy seeking perfection.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

What do you have that’s good enough t0 produce today?


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