4 Keys to Amaze Your Customer

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Last week, Jen “asked”  me to donate it.

The time had come.  I had to say goodbye to my old friend.  The 98 Lincoln.  It had 260,000 miles on it.  And it had a few issues.  Some larger than others.  The Lincoln had sit in front of the house for a month.  I hate to say goodbye.

I called the Dallas CAN Academy.  They support education for students who struggle in traditional learning settings.  One way they do this is by taking donated cars.

They provided one of the best customer experiences I’ve ever had.

They answered quickly.  The woman I spoke to was friendly and helpful.  She asked a few basic questions.  I could choose Monday through Saturday.  And I could schedule the pick-up within a 1 hour window.  I scheduled Saturday between 9-10am.  There was no uncertainty.  The process was clear and easy.

Friday came.  They called to confirm the pick-up.  Perfect.   Saturday rolled along.  They called an hour before to let us know they were on schedule.

They arrived at 9:26am.  I stepped outside.  The driver took the key. I handed over the title and signed it.  He gave me a receipt.  I walked back into the house.  Done.

I was amazed.  It was one of the easiest and most friendly business exchanges I’ve experienced in my life.

They called a few days later … “Hi, we’re just checking to see that everything went smoothly.”

It’s funny how businesses that call to follow up tend to provide a quality experience.  You can tell how good an organization takes care of executing it’s business by how it follows up to check on the execution.

English: A Stanguellini racing engine exhibite...

English: A Stanguellini racing engine exhibited in the Stanguellini Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I (almost) wish I had another car to give just to have the great customer experience!

They demonstrated a great lesson.  Hit on all cylinders and you’ll create satisfied customers.

  • Be friendly and helpful on the first touch … and every touch
  • Define and confirm expectations
    • Tell them what they need to provide and what you’ll do.
    • They’ll have what you need to succeed.
    • You can exceed the expectations you set
  • Show up on time and be prepared
  • Follow-up to ensure you delivered quality

Make it easy to do business with you.  You’ll amaze your customers when you hit on all cylinders.


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