What Do You Have Time To Do? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself


We don’t seem to have the time to do a lot of things.  Things like exercise, cooking healthily, calling our parents, brothers, sisters and friends, reading great books or magazines, driving without distraction (as we text some ridiculously unimportant message).

What do you have time for?

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We do seem to have time to do a lot of other things, though.  Things like Facebook, Twitter, reality TV, e-mail, long showers, visiting newyorkjets.com, miamihurricanes.com, tmz.com or working long hours with no specific result in mind.  Some of these things we make the time to do even when we’re out to dinner, in meetings, driving or in bed.

Nutritionists abhor junk food.  They hate it because its a double loss to our bodies.  You eat crap that’s bad for you.  This is damaging.  The damaging behavior takes up the appetite you might have for something good for you.  You don’t repair the damage.

Profitable businesses and strong families  and friendships are built on strong relationships. Strong relationships require trust.   Building trust requires we make time for certain things.

Are you making time for things that build trust?   Do you have enough time to do that?   Will you have enough time to rebuild the trust once it’s been damaged?

What do you have time to do?


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