Want something to blow your mind?

I had just finished a conversation with Jim Denison, a brilliant theologian and wonderful man.  He told me what was happening at the Brooklyn Tabernacle church in Brooklyn, NY.  Ridiculous stuff that comes close to miraculous is going on at BTC.  I asked Jim what was behind all of it.  He said it’s a spiritual renewal led by prayer.  So I prayed for spiritual renewal.

I left lunch and I prayed for God to create spiritual renewal in me that would blow my mind.  I prayed that prayer for a few weeks.  I prayed it just to see what would happen.  It wasn’t a test.  But it was.  “Let’s see this work, God.  Prove it!  Show me life, peace and joy.  Show me that you can do the heavy lifting and I just need to let myself be lifted.  Amaze me.”

Within weeks of starting to pray that prayer …  I committed to find a new church.  We joined our new church, Munger Place, two months later.  I committed to do whatever it took (action, cost, etc.) to grow our family.  We’re entering week 17 with twins.  I committed to grow a business with my wife.  Our business quadrupled in two months.  I can’t say that I committed as much as a commitment was born within me.  From that new born commitment came action to fulfill the commitment.

Things changed after that prayer.  I stopped trying to do it all myself.  I stopped trying to be right (mostly).  I stopped trying to please everybody all the time.  I started re-programming who I intend for myself to be.  I started speaking kindly to myself.  I started speaking with expectant faith about myself and my life.

I am still me.  But I’m lighter.  I’m easier.  I’m lifted.

I discovered that prayer can be powerful.  It can create commitment.  Commitment creates results.  I look back on all I prayed for since that conversation with Jim (and all I’ve asked others to pray for).  I see a trail of blessings that blows my mind.

What might happen in your life if you prayed for a spiritual renewal in you that blows your mind?

Pray the prayer … Even if you don’t believe in any God or spiritual being.  Do it for a few weeks.  Tell us what happens.


Two added notes:

  • Thank you for the army of friends, family, acquaintances and strangers who have prayed for me and my family.
  • Jen is growing more beautiful everyday as our babies grow inside her.  It’s amazing.
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