The Cocoon of Can’t

I dwell in the cocoon of can’t much more than I’d like. It’s an easy place to hide from fear of rejection, failure, or success. I can’t get this deal closed. I can’t get in touch with customer. I can’t find someone to help fix this problem. I can’t finish this idea to publish.

It’s easier to keep writing … shoot for perfect instead calling it good enough and shipping.

It’s easier to shoot off an email pretending like I truly engaged someone than it is to pick up the phone or show up at someone’s desk and do the work of interacting. Just toss the problem over the wall. We pretend to face the risk instead of actually facing it.

I was speaking with a friend this morning. Mike* was going after a sale on Monday. He was going to send an email. Mike realized he might be able to close more quickly with a phone call. Email was the easier way out. It was less contact, lower risk. He didn’t want to pick up the phone. What happened? Mike picked up the phone. A few minutes later the call was over. So was the sale. Mike closed the deal.

It would have been lower risk for Mike to fire an email and talk about how he can’t close the deal because his prospect isn’t responding. It’s not his fault, he sent the e-mail. Mike took the risk. He exited his cocoon of can’t. He closed the deal by driving the interaction.

Life is a full-contact sport. When we feel ourselves shying away from an interaction, we might be hiding in the cocoon of can’t. When we choose a form of interaction that slows down a transaction unnecessarily or reduces our risk of rejection, we’re probably dwelling in that cocoon of can’t

What do you need to do today to exit the cocoon of can’t?

I need to publish this post. Done!


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