Is your job beneath you?

Job Satisfaction - The job you want might not the job you needI had a job as a mail clerk after college.  I worked 60 hours and made $17,000 – that included 5 hours of mandatory overtime (we weren’t allowed a lunch hour).  There were times I would get down on myself.  I’d get caught up in what other people thought of me because of my job.  I tied my job to my value.  I felt the job was beneath me.  I’d get stuck and depressed when I lived in that place.

I have friends who want and need work.  They won’t take certain jobs though.  They don’t want others to see them doing those jobs.  The job is beneath them.  They are stuck and depressed.

The job isn’t beneath you.  Being stuck and depressed is.

What are you going to do about it?


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