How much are you worth?

How much are you worth?

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Money is expensive. That new job offer that pays alot… That new promotion and raise?   How much of you are they buying?

There’s nothing wrong with money (It’s the love of it that throws us off).  That job you were offered might be a great opportunity. It could be all you’ve ever wanted.  Just don’t chase the money.  And don’t confuse money with success.  Money isn’t success. Success is success.  Money is a tool that buys things.

Money isn’t free. You will pay for it in some way. Time away from family. Stress and pressure. Time on the road. More responsibility. Something.

The tricky thing is deciding how much of yourself to sell and how much to keep.  That part you want to keep is priceless. It’s the part of you that can’t be bought (in theory).  Is it worth giving it away in exchange for a few bucks?

What part of your life is beyond a price tag?   Are you selling too much of yourself  for too little?   What’s that costing you?

How much are you worth?

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