What’s your nature?

Vintage Nipple Box

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The girls stopped eating most of their bottles a few weeks ago.  It was like they were on strike.  We asked around and googled for insight.  We learned something.

We were using the wrong nipples.  You can buy baby bottle nipples with different flow rates.  You give higher flow rated nipples as the babies grow.

Babies would rather not eat than work too hard to eat.  They’re not consciously choosing.  They don’t have that capability.  It’s just in their nature.  They’ll under nourish themselves rather than work for their nourishment.

Anything worth having is worth working for.  Babies don’t know food is worth having.  They won’t work for it.

Babies aren’t too different from adults.

What do you want that you’re not working for?  Is it the 32 inch waist, the size 6 dress, the new promotion, getting accepted into the graduate program somewhere, starting a business…

Maybe it’s time to change what it’s worth.  If you can’t make it worth enough to work for, it might be time to change what you want (or find someone who can help you figure out what it’s worth).

We gave the girls new higher flow nipples.  They finish their bottles in a third of the time.

What’s your nature?  What will you do to overcome it?

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