How are you making it easier?

Outpatients Unit, Warwick Hospital

Outpatients Unit, Warwick Hospital (Photo credit: lydia_shiningbrightly)

I’m beating this horse this week.

The girls stopped eating.  We found out their bottles flow rating was too low.  Babies won’t work too hard to eat.  They’d rather not eat … then drive their parent crazy as the scream because they’re hungry.

We bought them new nipples.  They make it much easier for the girls to eat.  They started eating more than before and 3 times faster.

It’s easy to get caught up in make the tool or the process ‘perfect.’  If it makes people work too hard, they either won’t do, will find a shortcut around it or produce crappy work.

Make it easier to do their jobs and they’ll increase productivity dramatically (and hear a lot less whining, too).

Note:  This would be true with preventative healthcare, too … or anything people avoid because they see it as too much work.

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