Double the trouble


Double the Trouble

The Warheit Twins joined us last week.  Today they are 1 week old.  Sleep has been at a premium.  Jen and I are adapting.

We talked with another mom in the waiting room for the babies 48 hour doctor visit.  We talked about when it gets better.  Her observation, “I’m not sure that it gets better.  I think we get better.”

Shortly after her comment, we realized we were in the wrong doctors office.

It’s easy to get caught up in waiting for “It” to get better.  When we do that, we get left behind.  We lose the joy we can find.  We focus on what’s hard instead of what’s good. Focusing on what’s hard doesn’t make anything get better.  Getting better at dealing with it does.

Who knows how double the trouble will make us better?  I’m excited to find out as the days, weeks and years fly by.

We love you Evelyn Grace and Emmanuelle Grace.  Welcome to the family.



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