Do You Inspire Others? And Why It Matters.


Do you inspire others?


The opposite of inspiring  is uninspiring.  Brilliant observation, I know.

What does being inspiring look like?  Passion, commitment, perseverance.

What does being inspiring create in others?

  1. Engaged emotions
  2. Provoking new thought
  3. Motivated behavior

What does being uninspiring look like?  Indifferent, undecided, yielding.

What does being uninspiring create in others?  One of three things:

  1. Nothing …  if we’re lucky.   Being uninspiring becomes cloak of banal invisibility.
  2. Frustration, resentment and resistance in those who are the strongly motivated.
  3. Indifference, indecision and passivity in those who are waiting to be led.

We are leading either way.  We can make others stronger by choosing to be inspiring.  Or we can lead them to be weaker by choosing to be uninspiring.

I aspire to inspire.  I don’t always succeed.  Sometimes I do, I hope.

How about you?



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