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Jen’s whispered, “C’mon.  It’s time to feed the babies.”   All I want for Christmas is for my babies to sleep through the night.

I’ve told so many people that my Christmas present would be the twins sleeping through the night.  These were typical responses:

  • “Keep dreaming….”
  • “My babies are a year old. They still don’t sleep through the night.”
  • “That’s not going to happen.”
  • “Good luck with that…”

Not encouraging words.  They’re actually the complete opposite.  The people didn’t realize they were being discouraging.  They were just making a knee-jerk response that was sincere.

My response was, “I’d rather set the goal, aim high and miss than expect it not to happen.”

It’s easier and safer to live a life where I’m always trying to be right.  There are far fewer chances for me to take.  Aim for “right” means choosing a big target that’s close.  It’s shooting for the broadside of the barn.

The problem is that shooting at the broadside of a barn isn’t fun, interesting, or challenging.  It gets boring quickly.  It won’t produce meaningful growth.  It won’t lead to a life shifting outcome.

I would rather be wrong than right.  It’s much more fun.

Jen’s whispered, “C’mon.  It’s time to feed the babies.”   It was Christmas Eve at 7:20am.   The girls slept through the night.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you to Jennifer, Mom, Aunt Virginia, TK, Tommy, Andrew, Matt, Chris, Denise, Mike, Elizabeth, Immaculata, SaTek, Paul, Jason, Jill, Doug, Frank, Ryan, Jeff, Ingrid, Loren and others who went out of their way to encourage me to write, think bigger and be better.  Your words and actions always come at the right time and are appreciated.  Thank you!

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