Are you asking for permission or wisdom?


Instead of asking ‘What do you think I should do?” ask someone “How would you go about doing this?” It moves the person you’re asking past the decision whether you should or shouldn’t.  It gives them permission to talk about something they might not do themselves.  It gives them permission to imagine a little bit. […]

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What do you think I should do?


  What do you think I should do?  This is the question I’ve asked too many times (I still do).  Sometimes I didn’t ask – but I let people answer for me anyway.  We ask this thinking that it will help us when we’re trying to decide.  It usually won’t. We might think we’re asking […]

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What do you want to leave behind?


Let’s stick with the Lego theme.  I’ve written about building ideas … ideas are the Lego blocks.  Putting the blocks together is the execution. Many of us get caught in the idea trap.  Accumulating ideas like a hoarder accumulates newspapers, cats and Elvis plates.  The ideas pile up until we’re overwhelmed by them.  They’re everywhere! […]

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Are you getting caught in the idea trap?


  I remember stepping on the Lego piece with my bare foot.  I screamed, cursing.  A cubic, sharp pebble cutting into my foot.  It hurt! Yesterday, I talked about how building ideas is like playing with Legos.   “The ideas are the blocks.  Putting them together is the execution.” If you’re an “idea guy” (or gal), […]

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How do you win the battle of will?


I love feeding my girls.  They’re 7 months old.  They don’t know what they’re doing.  It’s a socio-science experiment.  What will they like?  What will they hate?  Will they clamp their mouth shut?  Will Ellie like one thing and Evie another? Jen and I treat every bite like it’s fun and tasty.  “Mmmmmm”, “Yummmyyyyy”, “Yaaaaaaay”. […]

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Are you playing with Legos or with Jenga?


  Building ideas is like playing with Legos.  It’s not like playing Jenga. Your ideas are the blocks.  Putting them together is the execution. The nice thing about Legos … You can build one thing, take it apart and build something completely different.  You have the flexibility to innovate and pivot.  You can go back […]

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Here today, gone …

  It’s easy to get caught up in writing something well.  We worry about each piece being laid properly.  The concern is that everything else will tumble down if we don’t do it right.  This presents a problem.  You become a slave to the form instead of the servant to your idea. I can always […]

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What if you asked differently?

  What if I fail? One the most common reason we don’t take action is the fear of “what if”. What if they say no What if it doesnt go well What if they don’t like me What if they ask questions and I don’t know the answer What if I look dumb Here are […]

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A picture’s worth a thousand words

  We think in pictures.  If someone asks you to think of a million dollars, you think of a pile of cash or a filled out check.  There might be some language written on the check … but the language is part of a picture. There’s a simple reason for this.  Language isn’t real.  Words […]

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Don’t melt away, snowflake

One is the loneliest number that there ever was.  Sometimes I get trapped in my head thinking of the impact I want to have on the world.  I crave a more meaningful and significant life.  Whenever I’m stuck in this place, I am alone.  I don’t see myself connected to others. Nobody has ever accomplished […]

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