Your minutes matter

Your Minutes Matter

I was drinking a beer at a party at work.  My friend, Dave*, started talking to me about an event – Life Enrichment Boot Camp – he attended that changed his life.  He told me that it saved his marriage.  He had the divorce papers completed.  All they needed was a signature.  He went to […]

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WTF! If you don’t show it, they don’t know it.

WTF! Give the Why

Jen was standing in my arms crying.  She sobbed, “It was so beautiful.  I couldn’t imagine it just going to just anybody on Craigslist.” My wife, Jen and I are expecting twins.  We’ve been amazed at the outpouring of support from others.  Friends have showered us with what was once part of their journey of […]

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WTF! Communicate Effectively…

Effective Communication the WTF way

A few weeks ago, I forwarded a Harvard Business Review “Management Tip of the Day” to a friend.    The tip was about ensuring effective communication.  Effective communication often means successful execution.  Poor communication often translates into poor execution.  Effective communication costs a little extra time.  Poor communication costs a lot of money. My friend […]

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Are you serving or selling?

Serving or Selling

We’re all selling.  The front line worker, the CEO, the therapist, the pastor, the bank teller, the daughter,  the husband and wife and the sales woman.   We sell different things:  a new process, a new vision, a behavior modification, a Word from God, a new savings account, staying up late to watch the playoffs […]

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Leadership Larry David-style

Just say it!

I enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Some people don’t.  I love how Larry David says what so many wouldn’t.  Yes, it causes trouble sometimes.  But life has trouble sometimes.  Especially in business and relationships. I can spend hours, days or weeks coming up with right way to speak to a situation that’s frustrating me.  It creates […]

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You’ll never know unless you ask.

You don't know until you ask

You’re not so smart that you know all the answers.  Those people around you aren’t as stupid as you think they are. I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him. -Galileo Galilei Start asking questions of those who work for you and around you.  Do the same with those […]

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Ask, don’t tell

Ask, Don't Tell

I spoke to my friend, Ben*, on Wednesday.   He’s the business owner who had an employee suggest a new way of doing business.   He was wrestling with figuring out how to make his employees suggestion happen.  He took the simple road.  He gave back to his employee, Tanya*. Ben gave Tanya the open […]

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Give back, get more.

Give back, get more

Last week I was speaking with my friend, Ben*.  He’s a business owner who opened his doors a few weeks ago.  His business is built on high touch, face-to-face sales.  One of his employees asked him if she could start using the Internet and phones to sell.  This would be a BIG change to his […]

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Another Beginning’s End…. Ask to end the next beginning.

Write your representatives

We (the U.S.) worked with many to pave the way to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden.  We invested in, weaponized and trained nations and tribes over the last 10 years.  In the 1980’s (and the 30+ years prior) the U.S. invested in, weaponized and trained nations and tribes to pave the way to defeat […]

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The Franchise: A Tiger’s tale on finding joy in adversity

The eye of the tiger

Brad and I got in the car.  I offer Brad a blanket.  My car doesn’t have heat.  The temperature was in the 20s.  I started the car.  And started driving.  Brad thanked me for giving him a ride.  It was a bit cold to ride his bicycle that day.  I don’t know a more joyful […]

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