Judge a book by it’s cover.

Encouraging Leadership - Getting the best out of people

Peter* said to me, “You’re courageous and enthusiastic.  Your energy inspired me.  I’ve accomplished things I wouldn’t have started before.”   We were performing an exercise providing others with evidence-based encouragement.  I was humbled.  I was honored.  I was confused. I didn’t view myself as courageous and enthusiastic.  I didn’t think of myself as inspiringly energetic.  I […]

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Don’t be an idiot!

Don't be an idiot! Treat your customers well.

The second I touched it, my heart sank.  I selected the ‘Settings’ icon.  The app hiccuped.  It looked like it might work.  Then it froze. I’m frustrated.  I wrote my post today.  I wrote it on my phone.  It’s convenient that there’s a WordPress app for the iPhone.  There is an inconvenience – I have […]

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Get better – Screw something up!

Get good! Screw something up!

There are plenty of things I do that make me feel stupid (read “uncomfortable”).  Those are the things that I usually learn the most from.  Especially socially- the conversation I strike up, the intro email I send or the relationship I build.  The only way I get better is by feeling dumb first. I don’t […]

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What if I fall? Get up. Start again.

What if I fall? Get up!

Imogene told me she doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Imogene is an incredible woman.  She is bright, bold, beautiful and strong.  She has overcome much.  Imogene has seen the gleam from a machete in the hand of a man who would kill her for her religious beliefs.  She has overcome and escaped dangerously […]

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How do you learn how to ride a bike?

Get on your bike and ride!

I was writing in a coffee shop last week.  Two guys are sitting next to me.  They’re studying a book about project planning and execution. They discuss the process of innovation.  The topic:  ideation – idea generation without judgment.   Their conversation is driven by the statements:  “Here’s a great idea.” and “I’m skeptical of […]

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I heard what you can’t do. What can you do?

Yes, you can!

Marcus* saw me coming.  He asked, “Do you help people with resumes?”  I said, “Not really.  I can – but that’s not what I do.”  The next moment, I was introduced to someone who needed work. I really didn’t want to have the conversation. I spoke with my new friend, Stan*, about the work he […]

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Is your job beneath you?

Get unstuck - Get over yourself.

I had a job as a mail clerk after college.  I worked 60 hours and made $17,000 – that included 5 hours of mandatory overtime (we weren’t allowed a lunch hour).  There were times I would get down on myself.  I’d get caught up in what other people thought of me because of my job.  […]

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The Problem with me is…

The problem is going away.

The problem with me is that I think that there’s a problem with me.  I tell myself and others about that problem. And why I can’t accomplish what I want to accomplish because of the problem. Where does that leave me?  Trapped … with a problem and without the accomplishment the problem kept me from […]

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The Cocoon of Can’t

Go from can't to can!

I dwell in the cocoon of can’t much more than I’d like. It’s an easy place to hide from fear of rejection, failure, or success. I can’t get this deal closed. I can’t get in touch with customer. I can’t find someone to help fix this problem. I can’t finish this idea to publish. It’s […]

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S/he’s just not that into you

Stop talking, start asking

It’s funny how quickly I can turn to torturing someone.  I think that I’m much better about this than I used to be.  I remember when my friend, Bobby*, asked me about the Boot Camp where I work.  He asked, “What is it?”   Six minutes later, he had more glaze on his eyes than […]

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