Be smart. Write better.

Be Smart. Write better.

The screen flashed the report.  It told me that I write at a post-graduate level.  It compared my writing to insurance documents.  I was proud.  I scored high.  No one could follow a single 62 word sentence I wrote.  But the computer told me I was smart.  Truth was I was being dumb.  I made […]

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Want something to blow your mind?

Be Set Free

I had just finished a conversation with Jim Denison, a brilliant theologian and wonderful man.  He told me what was happening at the Brooklyn Tabernacle church in Brooklyn, NY.  Ridiculous stuff that comes close to miraculous is going on at BTC.  I asked Jim what was behind all of it.  He said it’s a spiritual renewal led […]

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Who do you think you are?

Who do you need to be? Better results with better thoughts.

“What if I turn into one of those really happy people who I can’t stand?”   My mom replied “What’s it matter?  You’ll be happy!”   I had a hard time with that. I was thinking about buying a self-improvement program that promised extraordinary happiness.  I was 19 or 20.   I was angry.  I […]

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

You choose what you become. Choose wisely.

We design the book cover of our autobiography.  Our cover tells others the essence of who we aspire to be.  People reflect back what they see on our cover.  Then we become more like what is reflected back to us.  So what we project to others grows in our lives at home and in business. […]

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Judge a book by it’s cover.

Encouraging Leadership - Getting the best out of people

Peter* said to me, “You’re courageous and enthusiastic.  Your energy inspired me.  I’ve accomplished things I wouldn’t have started before.”   We were performing an exercise providing others with evidence-based encouragement.  I was humbled.  I was honored.  I was confused. I didn’t view myself as courageous and enthusiastic.  I didn’t think of myself as inspiringly energetic.  I […]

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Don’t be an idiot!

Don't be an idiot! Treat your customers well.

The second I touched it, my heart sank.  I selected the ‘Settings’ icon.  The app hiccuped.  It looked like it might work.  Then it froze. I’m frustrated.  I wrote my post today.  I wrote it on my phone.  It’s convenient that there’s a WordPress app for the iPhone.  There is an inconvenience – I have […]

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Get better – Screw something up!

Get good! Screw something up!

There are plenty of things I do that make me feel stupid (read “uncomfortable”).  Those are the things that I usually learn the most from.  Especially socially- the conversation I strike up, the intro email I send or the relationship I build.  The only way I get better is by feeling dumb first. I don’t […]

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What if I fall? Get up. Start again.

What if I fall? Get up!

Imogene told me she doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Imogene is an incredible woman.  She is bright, bold, beautiful and strong.  She has overcome much.  Imogene has seen the gleam from a machete in the hand of a man who would kill her for her religious beliefs.  She has overcome and escaped dangerously […]

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How do you learn how to ride a bike?

Get on your bike and ride!

I was writing in a coffee shop last week.  Two guys are sitting next to me.  They’re studying a book about project planning and execution. They discuss the process of innovation.  The topic:  ideation – idea generation without judgment.   Their conversation is driven by the statements:  “Here’s a great idea.” and “I’m skeptical of […]

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I heard what you can’t do. What can you do?

Yes, you can!

Marcus* saw me coming.  He asked, “Do you help people with resumes?”  I said, “Not really.  I can – but that’s not what I do.”  The next moment, I was introduced to someone who needed work. I really didn’t want to have the conversation. I spoke with my new friend, Stan*, about the work he […]

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