Wish in one hand and Sh***d in the other?

If you wish upon a star ... you'll have wish in one hand and...

There’s an expression that conveys the powerlessness of wishing.   “You’ve got ‘wish’ in one hand and ‘sh*t’ in the other.”   You can wish all you want.  Until you do something you won’t produce anything. ‘Should’ is worth less than wish.   ‘Should’ is like ‘wish’ dressed up in intention.  It doesn’t lead to much either. […]

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Finding the Freedom to Make Something Happen

I’ve been off my schedule the last two weeks (an excuse).  That’s why I haven’t been writing (an excuse).  My schedule has been ridiculously erratic (an excuse). I was out of town for a few days.  That created massive disruption.  I returned home midweek.  I struggled to get back into a routine.  The work that […]

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How to Keep Cool in the Texas heat

Brighten your attitude, change your results

It’s getting hot in Texas. The temps are in the high 90s by June.  It happens every year.   At the same time of year people start complaining about the weather.  Here’s a question I heard last week:   “Can you believe it’s so hot!?”   Yes.  I believe it.  It happens every year.  It’s Texas.  It’s […]

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Stand still or step forward


Do you want to succeed?  Of course you do.  Who doesn’t?  Even if you have a fear of success, somewhere inside whispers a voice that yearns for success.  I’ve tried to suffocate mine with a pillow.  But it keeps talking.  I’ve come to accept it.  Your definition of success might be different than mine.  You […]

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Life is Long. Today is Short.

Step forward

A  journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tsu A thousand mile walk is about 1,800,000 steps.  Sounds like that would take forever.  I bet it goes by a lot quicker than we’d think.  It goes by one step at a time.  The time will go by whether you take […]

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Be the squirrel.

Gather solutions

Squirrels gather nuts for the winter.   There’s no food in winter.  The nuts are a solution to a problem. Squirrels gather solutions.  They don’t grab broken nuts and empty shells and bring them to their squirrel lair.  They bring good, hearty nuts that will keep them fed. Most people gather problems.  “The website is down.”  […]

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Be smart. Write better.

Be Smart. Write better.

The screen flashed the report.  It told me that I write at a post-graduate level.  It compared my writing to insurance documents.  I was proud.  I scored high.  No one could follow a single 62 word sentence I wrote.  But the computer told me I was smart.  Truth was I was being dumb.  I made […]

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Want something to blow your mind?

Be Set Free

I had just finished a conversation with Jim Denison, a brilliant theologian and wonderful man.  He told me what was happening at the Brooklyn Tabernacle church in Brooklyn, NY.  Ridiculous stuff that comes close to miraculous is going on at BTC.  I asked Jim what was behind all of it.  He said it’s a spiritual renewal led […]

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Who do you think you are?

Who do you need to be? Better results with better thoughts.

“What if I turn into one of those really happy people who I can’t stand?”   My mom replied “What’s it matter?  You’ll be happy!”   I had a hard time with that. I was thinking about buying a self-improvement program that promised extraordinary happiness.  I was 19 or 20.   I was angry.  I […]

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

You choose what you become. Choose wisely.

We design the book cover of our autobiography.  Our cover tells others the essence of who we aspire to be.  People reflect back what they see on our cover.  Then we become more like what is reflected back to us.  So what we project to others grows in our lives at home and in business. […]

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