What kind of coffee are you?

Freeze-dried coffee sucks. It tastes flat. It feels thin. The coffee is robbed of its life. If we're not careful, life freeze-dries us … We are left without vibrant flavor or complex texture. How does this happen? The status quo tempts us. It tells us we know the answers. It coaxes us to stop asking what's possible. It encourages us to focus on what already exists and how unchangeable it is. The status quo appeals to our human desire to be right. It tells us to do things the way we've … [Read more...]

Get your point across – Stop killing it

I am a plant killer. Years ago, I had this had this palm tree sort of plant. It would turn brown. So I'd water it. I would water it really well. I wanted the plant to live … To have a green and vibrant existence. So I kept watering it. For some reason, the palm would stay brown. It got more brittle. It withered. It died. I wondered what was wrong with the plant. When I threw the plant out, I took it out of its pot. The soil fell away. It seemed void. Stripped down. I noticed … [Read more...]