Don’t be an idiot!

The second I touched it, my heart sank.  I selected the 'Settings' icon.  The app hiccuped.  It looked like it might work.  Then it froze. I'm frustrated.  I wrote my post today.  I wrote it on my phone.  It's convenient that there's a Wordpress app for the iPhone.  There is an inconvenience - I have to copy the text of what I write to the clipboard before I save the draft.  If I don't the app might blow up.  I'll lose what I wrote. I forgot to copy the text today.  I lost what I … [Read more...]

How do you learn how to ride a bike?

I was writing in a coffee shop last week.  Two guys are sitting next to me.  They're studying a book about project planning and execution. They discuss the process of innovation.  The topic:  ideation - idea generation without judgment.   Their conversation is driven by the statements:  "Here's a great idea." and "I'm skeptical of this."   These judging statements are the antithesis of the process they are exploring.  I'm not sure they're getting the concepts in the book.  They haven't … [Read more...]

I heard what you can’t do. What can you do?

Marcus* saw me coming.  He asked, "Do you help people with resumes?"  I said, "Not really.  I can - but that's not what I do."  The next moment, I was introduced to someone who needed work. I really didn't want to have the conversation. I spoke with my new friend, Stan*, about the work he was looking for. He'd prefer machine shop/metal working. That's where he has 20+ years of experience.  When I asked if he was open to other work, he said he was looking for anything. We talked a bit. … [Read more...]

Is your job beneath you?

I had a job as a mail clerk after college.  I worked 60 hours and made $17,000 - that included 5 hours of mandatory overtime (we weren't allowed a lunch hour).  There were times I would get down on myself.  I'd get caught up in what other people thought of me because of my job.  I tied my job to my value.  I felt the job was beneath me.  I'd get stuck and depressed when I lived in that place. I have friends who want and need work.  They won't take certain jobs though.  They don't want others … [Read more...]

The Problem with me is…

The problem with me is that I think that there's a problem with me.  I tell myself and others about that problem. And why I can't accomplish what I want to accomplish because of the problem. Where does that leave me?  Trapped ... with a problem and without the accomplishment the problem kept me from achieving. The problem is not with me.  The problem is what I'm saying. I am telling myself what I am not capable of.  I am telling myself that I screwed it up last time ... I'll probably … [Read more...]

The Cocoon of Can’t

I dwell in the cocoon of can't much more than I'd like. It's an easy place to hide from fear of rejection, failure, or success. I can't get this deal closed. I can't get in touch with customer. I can't find someone to help fix this problem. I can't finish this idea to publish. It's easier to keep writing ... shoot for perfect instead calling it good enough and shipping. It's easier to shoot off an email pretending like I truly engaged someone than it is to pick up the phone or show up at … [Read more...]

Are you serving or selling?

We're all selling.  The front line worker, the CEO, the therapist, the pastor, the bank teller, the daughter,  the husband and wife and the sales woman.   We sell different things:  a new process, a new vision, a behavior modification, a Word from God, a new savings account, staying up late to watch the playoffs on a school night, an addition to the house, or a huge technology solution. We're all selling something.   But we're not all serving.  We serve when we know that we are selling … [Read more...]

I don’t get no respect … this maybe why.

Rodney Dangerfield made a pretty good living with his trademark line,  "I don't get no respect.".   He made millions.  He started successful businesses.  His influence launched the careers of several iconic stars.  Here's the funny thing:  many people treated him with no respect offstage. He gave them permission when he told them  that he didn't get respect (even though it was a character).  We give permission to others to do that to us, too. Respect is about helping someone maintain their … [Read more...]

Lead forward.

I've heard that if sharks stop moving they die.  Everything that exists in our world demonstrates movement.  Rocks move.   Even if it's just at the molecular level. The cool thing is that we get to choose how we move.  We get to choose where we move.   Rocks are not so lucky. The word "Produce" comes from the Latin prōdūcere.   It breaks down to 'Pro': Forward and 'Ducere':  To Lead.   When we produce, we lead forward. Leading forward requires movement.  Leading forward requires … [Read more...]

Your baby is so, um, cute….

Everyone thinks their baby is beautiful.  Even that couple who has that kid you think looks like Ernie from Sesame Street.   A pregnant woman's body spends 9 months busy making a baby.   We don't know what that baby looks like until it's born.   We learn how beautiful (or ugly) our baby is after we produce it into the world.  Until the baby is born, we just can't know. The same is true of our ideas.  We can spend months working to make them real.  We won't know if their beautiful, … [Read more...]