Lead forward.

I've heard that if sharks stop moving they die.  Everything that exists in our world demonstrates movement.  Rocks move.   Even if it's just at the molecular level. The cool thing is that we get to choose how we move.  We get to choose where we move.   Rocks are not so lucky. The word "Produce" comes from the Latin prōdūcere.   It breaks down to 'Pro': Forward and 'Ducere':  To Lead.   When we produce, we lead forward. Leading forward requires movement.  Leading forward requires … [Read more...]

Grow in Confidence, Be in the know…

The more often I produce my work to the world, the more confident I feel.   The more confident I feel, the easier it gets to take the risk.  I trust that all will be well.  The first time I wrote a blog post, it took 3 hours, revision after revision, proof after proof.  After I did it 5-10 times, I could write something and ship it in 15 minutes. Humans fear the unknown.  We face the unknown anytime we reveal ourselves or our creations to the world.   Our insecurities float to the surface. … [Read more...]

A Ceiling or Foundation

I'm learning that I can use my past.  It can be the ceiling keeps me from elevating.  Or it can be the floor from which I launch to new heights.   I choose. I took a walk last week.  I was thinking of worth.  As in a person's worth.  A whisper spoke to me.  It told me that the things I think weakened me made me stronger.  The experiences that I thought made me less made me more.  My worst can create the best.   I choose. I had a moment earlier in the week to dismiss faith as fluke.  I … [Read more...]

Where do you want to go today?

Do you feel lost? What's your destination? If we decide where we want to go, we are more likely to go there. If we choose nowhere for our destination, we're likely go there, too. Do you want to go somewhere in life? Pick a place. Go. Take the risk, one step at a time. Don't worry about being wrong or right.  You can change your mind … Related articles Stop Dreaming and Start Doing (inc.com) … [Read more...]

Get lost!

Dog is your pilot. Are you rational?  Really?  Think about it!   We think we're rational. We believe we make decisions based on evidence.  We're human.  We're not dogs or monkeys.  We've got opposable thumbs and large forebrains.   Our forebrain  is in control.  Right?  Wrong! Our reward system is built upon parts of the brain shared with "lower" species.   This is why behavioral tests with lab rats and dogs can provide insight into human behavior.   Our mammalian brain controls our … [Read more...]