Do it right. Get it done.

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to making something be right. I'll look for the perfect image for a presentation. Or the ideal color for a header. It's easy to get sucked into details. The details could make something perfect if they were right. The value the perfection adds isn't worth the price of lost momentum. Nine times out of ten, I don't finish when I chase perfection. The habit of finishing creates momentum. The habit of perfection slows things down. One habit produces … [Read more...]

Want to get better at something?

We usually suck at things that are new to us. Life is full of learning curves. The only way to climb the curve is to do the work. Sucking at something sucks. It's frustrating. It can be discouraging. If you don't do the work, you'll be stuck living a life that is discouragingly frustrating. That really sucks. Get better. Do it for yourself. Do the work. … [Read more...]

How do I find myself?

I looked at the clock. It was 12:13am. I'd been working for the last 11 hours without a break. I was building a website for a cause I believed in. I lost myself. Time evaporated. I was engaged in solving a problem. Progress was made. I felt good about how I spent my energy as time passed. There are other times I wonder whether I'm on the right path. I feel lost. I ask myself, "Am I living out my purpose? Maybe I need to spend time to find myself." There's two problems with … [Read more...]

Where’s your resume?

I work with people to help them manage change.  When things go well, they produce results that they weren't able to produce on their own.  This is a common outcome. I speak to many clients who want to leave their job.  Their obstacle:  Their resume isn't ready.  They'll wallow in misery rather than write their resume.  Meanwhile they deliver "Less than" results for the people they work for.   This may last weeks, months or years.  Disengagement is contagious.   It needs to … [Read more...]

Will you let your people resume?

Some companies fire employees they catch working on their resume.   Some let people go when they find their resume on Monster or some other job posting site.  That's odd to me. Do they want employees who don't want to work for them?  What kind of service do those employees deliver?  How committed are they to the company vision?  Is that what you want? I know that the cost to acquire an employee is high.  The cost of your employees being disengaged is higher.  Fewer want to leave when more … [Read more...]

Has evolution evolved?

Life started on this planet as single cell organisms. At some point they connected, unified and evolved.  Adaptation created diversity.  Over time, consolidation would favor the stronger adapters. Corporations are people (per the U.S. Supreme Court).   People are single cell organisms. We connect, unify and emerge as corporate bodies. Corporations are the next step in the evolution of life.  Evolution favors the organism best able to adapt to and shape their environment.  Corporations seem to … [Read more...]

The habit habit

I got out of the habit of good habits. My Mom visited me a few weeks ago.  The following week I celebrated a birthday over the course of a few days.   Then we welcomed a new nephew to our family.   We spent time in the hospital and visiting.   I loved seeing my Mom.  I had a great time for my birthday.  It was wonderful spending time with family to celebrate the nephew.   I changed my routine that week.  I adapted it to the circumstances. I had been working out 6 days/week.  I lost 10 lbs. … [Read more...]

What are you waiting for?

Nothing can make you happy!   This is a very positive and hopeful statement. Nothing can make you happy.  It's possible.   If you let it be. Most of us are waiting for someone or something to make us happy.  I'll be happy when I get the raise, the business is profitable, my marriage is fun, my kids go to school, I get a promotion, I get married, I get a new car, we get the bigger house, I get pregnant, I lose 10 lbs ... We make being happy conditional upon receiving something else.  How … [Read more...]

What bed are you sleeping in?

I got an email from a friend a few weeks ago.  Leslie was looking for advice.  She was trying to make a decision.   The looming fear behind the decision was "What if it doesn't work or if I don't like it?"   She didn't want to make a bed or lay in one ... because it might be the right one. Goldie Locks broke into a bear's house and tried 3 different bowls of porridge, 3 different size chairs and 3 different beds before she found the ones that were just right for her. What are you willing … [Read more...]

Are you a champion?

I hear bad advice a lot.  The most common I people tell each other is "You should just do 'insert action'." You don't ask your infant to walk when they can't even crawl.   Why do we ask adults to do things that they haven't demonstrated an ability to do?  Just because you know how to walk doesn't mean the person you're trying help does.  Telling them to walk produces one thing.  Frustration.  You're frustrated with them for not listening.  They're frustrated with themselves for being stuck or … [Read more...]