How much are you worth?

Money is expensive. That new job offer that pays alot... That new promotion and raise?   How much of you are they buying? There's nothing wrong with money (It's the love of it that throws us off).  That job you were offered might be a great opportunity. It could be all you've ever wanted.  Just don't chase the money.  And don't confuse money with success.  Money isn't success. Success is success.  Money is a tool that buys things. Money isn't free. You will pay for it in some way. Time … [Read more...]

What bubble will burst next?

Bubble's burst. We've seen the real estate bubble, the internet bubble, the energy bubble, and whatever other bubbles. They over inflated until, under the the value they promised was very different than the actual value provided.  Reality reared it's ugly head.  The bubbles burst under the pressure that came from reality weighing in. It's easy and cheap to produce credibility in social media world.  Testimonials, reviews, followers ... all can be bought.   Go on You'll find … [Read more...]

Is it time for a little perspective?

The ladies read their visions to the person sitting next to them.  We talked about the visions they wrote and spoke.  One of the women said that she had a hard time believing that she could make her vision a reality.   I asked the group a question.  Who heard a vision that they think the person reading it could make happen?  Every hand shot up. They were all afraid.  They didn't think they could do what they dreamed. They were all confident that the person next to them could do it. What … [Read more...]

Finding Hope

Tears streamed down her cheeks.  She kept reading.  She said she could not believe the words she was reading. I asked her why it was so hard to believe.  She said that no one ever believed in her.  People keep reminding her of what she's done wrong and how she's screwed up.  She was scared to believe.  She was afraid to hope. The words were an hopeful vision for her life.  She wrote a living legacy.  The way she'd like to be remembered after a long and successful life.  Her legacy was … [Read more...]

Do it right. Get it done.

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to making something be right. I'll look for the perfect image for a presentation. Or the ideal color for a header. It's easy to get sucked into details. The details could make something perfect if they were right. The value the perfection adds isn't worth the price of lost momentum. Nine times out of ten, I don't finish when I chase perfection. The habit of finishing creates momentum. The habit of perfection slows things down. One habit produces … [Read more...]

Want to get better at something?

We usually suck at things that are new to us. Life is full of learning curves. The only way to climb the curve is to do the work. Sucking at something sucks. It's frustrating. It can be discouraging. If you don't do the work, you'll be stuck living a life that is discouragingly frustrating. That really sucks. Get better. Do it for yourself. Do the work. … [Read more...]

How do I find myself?

I looked at the clock. It was 12:13am. I'd been working for the last 11 hours without a break. I was building a website for a cause I believed in. I lost myself. Time evaporated. I was engaged in solving a problem. Progress was made. I felt good about how I spent my energy as time passed. There are other times I wonder whether I'm on the right path. I feel lost. I ask myself, "Am I living out my purpose? Maybe I need to spend time to find myself." There's two problems with … [Read more...]

Where’s your resume?

I work with people to help them manage change.  When things go well, they produce results that they weren't able to produce on their own.  This is a common outcome. I speak to many clients who want to leave their job.  Their obstacle:  Their resume isn't ready.  They'll wallow in misery rather than write their resume.  Meanwhile they deliver "Less than" results for the people they work for.   This may last weeks, months or years.  Disengagement is contagious.   It needs to … [Read more...]

Will you let your people resume?

Some companies fire employees they catch working on their resume.   Some let people go when they find their resume on Monster or some other job posting site.  That's odd to me. Do they want employees who don't want to work for them?  What kind of service do those employees deliver?  How committed are they to the company vision?  Is that what you want? I know that the cost to acquire an employee is high.  The cost of your employees being disengaged is higher.  Fewer want to leave when more … [Read more...]

Has evolution evolved?

Life started on this planet as single cell organisms. At some point they connected, unified and evolved.  Adaptation created diversity.  Over time, consolidation would favor the stronger adapters. Corporations are people (per the U.S. Supreme Court).   People are single cell organisms. We connect, unify and emerge as corporate bodies. Corporations are the next step in the evolution of life.  Evolution favors the organism best able to adapt to and shape their environment.  Corporations seem to … [Read more...]