Is your job beneath you?

I had a job as a mail clerk after college.  I worked 60 hours and made $17,000 - that included 5 hours of mandatory overtime (we weren't allowed a lunch hour).  There were times I would get down on myself.  I'd get caught up in what other people thought of me because of my job.  I tied my job to my value.  I felt the job was beneath me.  I'd get stuck and depressed when I lived in that place. I have friends who want and need work.  They won't take certain jobs though.  They don't want others … [Read more...]

The Cocoon of Can’t

I dwell in the cocoon of can't much more than I'd like. It's an easy place to hide from fear of rejection, failure, or success. I can't get this deal closed. I can't get in touch with customer. I can't find someone to help fix this problem. I can't finish this idea to publish. It's easier to keep writing ... shoot for perfect instead calling it good enough and shipping. It's easier to shoot off an email pretending like I truly engaged someone than it is to pick up the phone or show up at … [Read more...]

The Franchise: A Tiger’s tale on finding joy in adversity

Brad and I got in the car.  I offer Brad a blanket.  My car doesn't have heat.  The temperature was in the 20s.  I started the car.  And started driving.  Brad thanked me for giving him a ride.  It was a bit cold to ride his bicycle that day.  I don't know a more joyful man than Brad.  He lives an inspirational life.  Brad's the kind of man who lives life with boundless enthusiasm. I dance like a stiff awkward white guy.  It's uncomfortable to watch.   I've seen Brad dance.  He's "all … [Read more...]

You gotta have faith…

What is that thing ... the idea, the vision, the cause you believe in that you're not acting on?   What might happen if you lived as if you were willing to die to make that thing real?   Might you find new hope, new promises, new life? Which is worth more - creating the idea, the vision, the cause you believe in or having  the house, the car, the handbag, the shoes, the popularity? Faith has come to mean believing.  If I accept something to be true, I can claim to have faith in it.  … [Read more...]

Grow in Confidence, Be in the know…

The more often I produce my work to the world, the more confident I feel.   The more confident I feel, the easier it gets to take the risk.  I trust that all will be well.  The first time I wrote a blog post, it took 3 hours, revision after revision, proof after proof.  After I did it 5-10 times, I could write something and ship it in 15 minutes. Humans fear the unknown.  We face the unknown anytime we reveal ourselves or our creations to the world.   Our insecurities float to the surface. … [Read more...]

Are you busy or are you productive?

I remember the first time I had to send an email out to a 1000 person audience.  I wrote the email.  Then I proofed the email.  Then I tweaked the email.  Then I proofed it.  Then I proofed it again.  Finally, I hit 'Send'.   Off it went. I spent 45 minutes making sure the email was just right after it was already written.  It wasn't.   I realized this after it was sent.   I was busy when I was writing, reading, re-writing and re-reading the email.  I produced the moment I sent the … [Read more...]

Want better? Do better!

This afternoon my wife and I got home after a busy day away.  We've been busy for the last several days.   I noticed that our dogs were becoming more needy.  They wanted more attention.  When we got home this afternoon our dogs were out of their minds.  They were all over us.  They were panting ... Nudging against us.  And being generally annoying. After a few minutes, we realized we haven't paid much attention to the dogs this week.   We haven't taken them on walks.  When we've been home we … [Read more...]

1 Simple way to stop using excuses and start delivering

Yes or No.  Black or White.  One or Zero.  I will do it.  I will not do it.  The job is done or it's not done ... complete or incomplete. I had a habit of using conditions and qualifiers in my speech (and I still fight this habit).   I can weave a winding sentence that could confuse an insurance underwriter.   The long sentence helped me avoid committing.  This habit was killing me.  It undercut my effectiveness in delivering consistently.  Delivery is the fulfillment of a … [Read more...]

Are you with me or against me?

Do you believe in Santa, family values, gun control, Jesus, graduated tax rates, Allah, increased border patrol, Yahweh, the tooth fairy, or the effectiveness of free markets?  If you believe in something, good for you!  I'm finding the I derive way more joy from choosing to believe IN something instead of AGAINST something. I have much more of a sense of power when I fight for something instead of against something.  When I believe IN something and stand up for it I can create or contribute … [Read more...]

Where do you want to go today?

Do you feel lost? What's your destination? If we decide where we want to go, we are more likely to go there. If we choose nowhere for our destination, we're likely go there, too. Do you want to go somewhere in life? Pick a place. Go. Take the risk, one step at a time. Don't worry about being wrong or right.  You can change your mind … Related articles Stop Dreaming and Start Doing ( … [Read more...]