What if I fall? Get up. Start again.

Imogene told me she doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

Imogene is an incredible woman.  She is bright, bold, beautiful and strong.  She has overcome much.  Imogene has seen the gleam from a machete in the hand of a man who would kill her for her religious beliefs.  She has overcome and escaped dangerously abusive relationships.  Imogene leaped across continents and cultures with 2 young children.  Imogene works hard.  She protects and provides for 3 amazingly wonderful children.   She practices faith with a profound depth I hope to discover for myself someday.  If there’s any one who shows that they can face huge unknowns, it’s Imogene.

Imogene said, “I don’t know how to ride a bike.  “What if I fall?”

Get up.  Start again.

As the Japanese proverb says … Fall down seven times, get up eight.

Imogene has faced down fears that I can never imagine.  Yet she has fears of her own.  You are not alone in your fears.  You are in good company.  You’re normal.  The next person you make eye contact with is afraid of something, too.

The important thing isn’t what you fear but what you do in the face of it.  Fear does not define us.  How we react to fear does.

When’s the last time you fell?   What risk can you take today to move you toward the tomorrow you want?

What if you fall?   Get up.  Start again.


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