What kind of coffee are you?

Freeze-dried coffee sucks. It tastes flat. It feels thin. The coffee is robbed of its life.

If we’re not careful, life freeze-dries us … We are left without vibrant flavor or complex texture. How does this happen? The status quo tempts us. It tells us we know the answers. It coaxes us to stop asking what’s possible. It encourages us to focus on what already exists and how unchangeable it is. The status quo appeals to our human desire to be right. It tells us to do things the way we’ve always done them. Once we buy in, we emigrate. We become citizens of the status quo.

We pledge allegiance to a world that makes us feel safe and comfortable; fully committed to what we know; one world looking back, resistant to change for all.

Dr. Alfred Blalock was the first man credited with performing open heart surgery. There was a doctrine at the time: Nolitangere: Do not touch The heart was hands-off. The citizens of the status quo said no. He fought against the unquestioned doctrine of perceived right and wrong. He fought for what he believed was possible. Thousands of lives have been saved as a result. He was a bold cup of coffee.

Pledge to the status quo and we are frozen in time. People go dim. Relationships fade. Profits wane. A bold cup of coffee wakes us with possibilities. A freeze-dried cup of coffee disappoints. What are you doing to wake up possibilities today?


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