What color is your wristband?

I see a lot of yellow wristbands everywhere.  Then there’s the pink ones, the blue ones, the purple ones, etc.  So many people are supporting worthy causes.  That’s pretty cool.

Marketers figured out painless ways to sell charitable support.  Give a little money, get a wristband.  Wear the wristband, show that you’re good, kind and giving.  For little commitment, we buy belonging while contributing to a cause we think might be important.  For a little commitment, a charity just earned a possible champion for their cause.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:  Survival, Security, Belonging, Importance, Self-Actualization

People want to feel important and belong.

Help people feel they contribute to something important.  Give them somewhere to belong.  They’ll wear your company colors and fight for your cause!


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