We're on a mission from God

We’re getting the band back together! OK, we’re not really … but we could if we needed to save an orphanage.

Years ago, I was in the studio playing with a band. We were rehearsing for a show. Someone screwed up their part. Everything ground to a halt in a sloppy, messy way.

“Let’s start again from the chorus”, someone would say. The drumsticks would click, we’d start from the chorus. If we ran into problems again, we’d all stop again.

Here’s the problem: What happens when we screw up during a show? We can’t just stop. We have to figure out how to get through the song despite the screw-ups. Yet the way we practiced didn’t teach us how to overcome challenges. It taught us how to let challenges stop us dead in our tracks.

When we screw up, sometimes we need to keep going. This is how we learn resiliency. This is how we learn to innovate.


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