Trick or Treat? Both please…

Halloween is big business.   Five Billion Dollars big!   Wow!   And guess what?   It’s not a kids holiday.   More is spent on adult costumes than for kids … by a lot!   The market is booming.

Here’s a question… WHY?    What has driven a holiday that was for kids into an extravaganza for adults?

For 364 days a year adults play grown-up.  We put on the brave faces of … husband, wife, employee, customer, boss, father, mother, friend, Christian (I’m writing from Texas).   This is the trick.

We spend a life living according to what others need from us.  We give in to the demand of doing more, faster with less.   Life becomes a series of efforts to avoid conflict or looking bad … or striving to look good.   We seek a life “liked” instead of a life lived.

Then comes Halloween.  A day we put on a mask, some grease paint, a revealing outfit or a cape and … voila  … it’s not us anymore.  There’s the treat.

Halloween is the day adults can finally be themselves… by being someone else.

People really liked my costume …


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