That’s just not funny…

This morning I turned on the TV.  I tuned to Comedy Central… my source for news and current events.  I prefer Colbert to Stewart.  But The Daily Show was coming on, so that’s what I’d watch.  The show came on.  I wasn’t greeted by the smarmy Stewart who’s come to be a little too entertained by himself.  I was greeted by irony.

Jon Stewart spent nearly 10 minutes talking from his heart about the somber events that took place on Saturday.  A Federal Judge and Congresswoman were gunned down, along with several others.  Mr. Stewart was visibly saddened by event itself and the coverage of the event.

The mainstream media is personality driven.  It is not journalistically driven anymore.  Something is tragic when I have to turn to a comedy network to receive an appropriate measure of respect for our Nation and those who serve it.

That’s just not funny …


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