Make Strong … Encourage!

When’s the last time you  gave specific, meaningful encouragement from someone?   What does encouragement mean to you?  Encouragement has come to be seen as a touchy-feely word.   That’s interesting.  It means:  To Make Strong.  To fortify.

When steel is forged, it is encouraged.  When rubber is vulcanized, it is encouraged.

My wife and I send each other an encouragement email every Wednesday.  In five years we’ve forgotten fewer than 5 times.  We have over 500 emails encouraging one another.

The format is simple.  First, I write what I appreciate about my wife … things she’s done or accomplished, her character, how beautiful she is, courage she’s displayed, how she’s supportive and respectful of me, etc.  Second, I encourage her in an area where either she can grow or where she’s facing challenges … self-confidence, spirituality/faith, professional ability, social life, etc.  She uses the same format for me.

Sometimes we received strength when we were at our weakest.  Other times we found momentum when we felt strong.  We have built each other up over five hundred times!

Would it be beneficial to have stronger people in your business, church, charity, sports team or family?

Encourage means to Make Strong.  Who did you make stronger today?  Who will you encourage tomorrow?


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