I guess everything comes together…

I walked into Starbucks this afternoon to do some work.  I’m cold from outside.  The heater in my car isn’t work.  I’m too cheap to fix it.  I only need heat 1 month out of the year.  There’s one seat open that I see in the place.  It’s next to the drafty and often opened door.

A man dressed in black signals the chair is free, as if welcoming me.  I put my stuff down.  Then go order.  I see another chair away from the door (warm).  I go to gather my stuff.  A small nudging voice (in my head) tells me to leave my stuff there … Something may happen, you may see, hear or meet something that you need to hear.  I leave my stuff to go to the rest room.  I come back.  Two chairs opened away from the door.

The man in black says unprompted, “Everything comes together.  You were looking for this.  The two people sitting there moved to create space for you.”   This was the second time in a week this was said to me out of the blue.

Before the man in black left, I told him, “Someone else told me that ‘Everything comes together’ in the past week.  I told the other person that those words were divine and sagely.”  He said, “When that happens it means you’ve asked for something.  These are answers coming back divinely inspired.”

After I finished drafting this, while sitting in the same chair, I ran into a person who I attended a class with last March and a friend who I volunteer with regularly.  I got some great networking ideas and reconnected with friends and acquaintances.   I guess the gentle nudge that told me I might see, hear or meet something/someone in this spot was right.

I guess everything comes together.

Faith or Fluke?   It’s what you choose.  Today, I choose faith.


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