Flock of Seagulls and the Prevent Defense

In the 80s there was a song by Flock of Seagulls and they sang, “And I ran. I ran so far away. Oh, I ran, I ran so far away. I couldn’t get away.”

Are you running to what you want … or away from what you don’t want?

Running to fitness or running from fatness. To delivery OR from delay . . . To succeed OR from fail . . . To win OR from lose.

It’s easy to run from. We know what we don’t like – about our life, our jobs, our bodies, our selves, our careers. We feel pain, we respond . . . we run. It’s a reflex.

Running to is hard. It requires knowing what you want. Defining it. And acting consistently with discipline to get to a focused destination.

A prevent defense prevents you from winning. Why? It’s running from losing.

Choose a destination. Run to it.


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