Your baby is so, um, cute….

Everyone thinks their baby is beautiful.  Even that couple who has that kid you think looks like Ernie from Sesame Street.   A pregnant woman’s body spends 9 months busy making a baby.   We don’t know what that baby looks like until it’s born.   We learn how beautiful (or ugly) our baby is after we produce it into the world.  Until the baby is born, we just can’t know.

The same is true of our ideas.  We can spend months working to make them real.  We won’t know if their beautiful, ugly or somewhere in between until we produce them to the world.  That is when our work is truly born.

Bob Dylan wrote “Those not busy being born are busy dying”.   We are busy being born when we produce.

What’s that idea that you’ve been meaning to produce the world but haven’t?   Maybe you’ve been afraid … “I don’t know how”, “‘They’ might not like it”, “What if it’s a complete failure”, “What if my baby’s ugly?”   Each excuse is a dying breath.

Are you busy being born or busy dying?   What will you do to produce something into the world?  You could produce something that might change everything!    What’s that first small step you’ll take to find out?

Ugly babies happen.  It doesn’t stop people from having babies.   Heck!  We’re having two of them in the fall … at the same time!   I’m sure they’ll be beautiful … 🙂

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