What’s the Best Time of Day to Water Tomatoes?

State fruit - Tomato

State fruit – Tomato (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We pulled into the driveway.  We got out of the truck and went to visit with our neighbors, who were in their driveway.

Jen said, “The tomato plant is drooping.  Looks like it needs water.”

I went to the hose, turned it on, dragged it over and started watering.  It was the middle of the day.  Heat was at peak.  A new conversation started.

“Is this the best time to water the tomatoes?”   “It’s pretty hot.”  “I think you’re supposed to water it in the morning or night.”   I stood there, continuing to water the tomatoes.

I said, “You know the best time of day to water tomatoes?”


“When you think of it.”

Little actions add up to make the difference between lilting and lifeless and growing and vibrant.  This is true of our work, our marriages, our friendships, our spiritual walk, or our tomatoes.

Take the little actions when you think of them.  You’ll reap a better crop.

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