The biggest secret to time management


A few months ago, I tried to fit left over soup in a container.  Jen told me that it wouldn’t fit.  I insisted it would.

Dough After Rise

Dough After Rise (Photo credit: hollyking)

I cleaned up soup that overflowed from the counter.  She gave me “that look.”  Once again, I had tried to fit too much in the container.

Time Management is a multi-million industry.  People spend more time learning how manage time than they spend practicing how to manage themselves.

Time is a fixed container.  It is out of your control.  You can’t slow it down.  You can’t speed it up.  You can’t make it bigger.  You can’t change it.  You can only manage what you put inside it and the order you do it.

Stop focusing on managing time.  Start managing yourself in the space of time.

It’s not about time.  It’s about you.

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