Ship, Partner

I was standing on top of a 40 foot cliff.  It was my turn to jump.  I hate heights.   My friends were calling for me to jump.  Too late to turn back now.  I launch into a head first dive.  My gut gets that feeling of having a wet towel twisted inside.  Then I hit the water.   Wooooo!   I made it.   If I was alone on that cliff’s edge I don’t think I would have jumped.  The encouragement, support and, maybe some friendly goading, got me to take the leap … to take action.

I meet with a group of entrepreneurs weekly.  We encourage each other.  We help each other to discover blindspots and new ways of doing things.  We have a great dynamic where we push each other to succeed.   I’ve found encouragement with this group.   I’m amazed how we’re able to push each other without beating each other up.   It’s a powerful example of a program “Peerpulsion” that I’ve developed.

Shipping is all about taking action.   It’s the courage to show the world your creation whether it’s an idea, a perspective, a design, a product, etc.   We might face rejection.  We might greeted like a fart in church.  But it might be the action that changes our life or someone elses.  The move that changes what will be etched on our tombstone.

When we are encouraged, our confidence builds.  With confidence comes the willingness to risk … to take action.  Partners can build that confidence.

Partner with supportive people.  Find the confidence to jump off the cliff, to ship that idea or product.  Give your partner the courage to make a ripple in the waters of this world.

Who can you partner with produce results?   It’s time to Partner-Ship …


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