Setting the mood


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Elli awoke screaming.  Again.  It was clear she did not know that it was night time.  We decided to set the mood.

The lights dimmed throughout the house the next day at 7pm.  TV off.  Laptops closed.  Phones away.  Faded lights and lullabies.  Babies and bottles.  The girls fed.  We laid them down.  They slept.  They got it.   We  crafted the peaceful, nocturnal environment.  They went with the mood.

So did we.  Jen and I had time to connect.  The house was more peaceful.

I walked through the door frustrated.  I carried a stack full of stuff.  The stack had fallen to the ground along the way to the door.  I was tired.  Hungry.  Grumpy.  Feeding time was near.  For me.  And the girls.

We dimmed the lights.  Closed the laptops.  Put the music on low.  We each held a baby.  They drew from the bottles arhythmically.  Snorts.  Grunts.  Coos.

My brain slowed down.  I breathed with the baby’s breath.   My muscle relaxed.  I became human again.

Jen and I put the babies down to sleep.  A glass of wine.  The quietness of our living room … the aftermath of being cleansed for our babies … absorbed us into it’s peaceful.  We spoke.  We connected.  We relaxed.

It’s funny how we’ll do for others things we should do for ourselves.


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