Are you connected enough?

Me and my 542 bestest friends (on Facebook)

Me and my 542 bestest friends (Photo credit: tychay)



It seems the more people we connect with the less there is of us to go around.  I start with the default answer of ‘No’ when a friend asks me to do something.  I check my calendar.  Then I offer a date 3 weeks in the future.

Am I free now?   Yes.   But I have a false notion of obligation.  I feel so little control over my time that I hoard the time I can control.  I then squander the time I hoarded instead of spending it wisely … by saying yes to my friend.

It seems we are getting lonelier and lonelier while we connect more and more.  The more electronic connections we have the less we have of ourselves to give.  The less we have of ourselves to give the more we rely on the superficial surface of our lives (and others) to know how we’re all doing.
Connections en mass dilute character.  You can’t know the souls of your 542 Facebook friends.  And you can’t know the souls of your 4 closest friends (including your spouse if your married) if you’re connecting to 542 Facebook friends.
We’re starved by more of less.  And that leaves less nourishment for those who want and need more.
Starved for time and attention?  Check your connection collection.
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