What if you asked differently?

What Doesn't Kill You

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What if I fail?

One the most common reason we don’t take action is the fear of “what if”.

  • What if they say no
  • What if it doesnt go well
  • What if they don’t like me
  • What if they ask questions and I don’t know the answer
  • What if I look dumb

Here are some more “what ifs” to ask:

  • What if you look back in 10 years and your in the same place you’re in now
  • What if you become irrelevant
  • What if you have nobody to blame but yourself

By avoiding the first set of what ifs you ensure the last set of what ifs.

What if you did something that makes you uncomfortable? What if you do something that forces a change in direction?  What if you did something just to see if you can (or can’t)?

What if you succeed?


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